Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion Ball Valve


The trunnion ball valve (or TRB) is a type of quarter turn valve that uses an enclosed, perforated and internally supported ball to control flow via its seat. The mechanical anchor of the ball acts as the seat, absorbing the momentum from the moving line flow, keeping high friction between the seat and seats, and keeping low running torque levels, enabling even at maximum operating efficiency. Although a trunnion is essentially an aerodynamic valve, its main purpose is as an air-tight seal between the seating and ball and also to provide a smooth and reliable flow of air.


The TRB is ideal for use in air compressors and for reducing the risk of the valve becoming clogged and leaking. The best way to install a TRB valve is to mount it directly to the compressor’s compressor housing. The mounting bracket allows the valve to be mounted directly on the compressor housing, which ensures there are no restrictions around the valve itself when installation is complete. This is because if the valve were placed outside the housing, then it would have to be bolted to a bracket to provide the necessary seal.


A standard TRB will normally have three ball seals; however, a more advanced model may also feature additional seals, which can reduce the risk of cross-threading. The additional seals are usually provided as standard and are mounted either externally or internally. The external seals are made of a special material that allows air to pass through the TRB when the seal is closed and to leave a small opening once the seal has been opened. The internal seals, which are often referred to as ‘ball screws’ are positioned internally within the trunnion, and are responsible for creating a tight seal around the seat and ball, and ensuring that no air can pass through the seat until the seal has been fully opened.


If a ball seal is installed incorrectly, it could cause a serious flow restriction. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the installation process is performed correctly, or that the seal will have to be removed. It is not as difficult as it sounds to install a TRB valve, and it is not a complicated task that requires the assistance of an expert. If you have any doubts regarding your installation abilities, you can always call a professional trunnion installation expert, who can ensure the trunnion is correctly installed, and that the seals are installed properly. The only time-consuming part of the installation is ensuring that the seals are correctly set up and attached to the trunnions.


There are two types of seals that are usually used on a TRB valve: ‘fully enclosed’interlocking’ seals. The fully enclosed seal provides excellent flow sealing, with the full sealing ring completely encased within the trunnion and providing the maximum sealing power. The interlocking seal consists of a ball screw that is placed inside the sealed ball, and seals the ring onto the trunnion, allowing air to flow freely around the trunnion until the sealing ring has been fully closed.


As with any other valve, proper installation and maintenance of these valves are paramount to ensuring optimal performance and reliable operation. By keeping the seals clean and well maintained, the seals will last longer, and ensure that air flows uninterrupted, allowing the TRB to continue to perform efficiently.

All About Trunnion ball valve

All About Trunnion ball valve

In this particular design, the ball is supported from each finishes on the x-axis, to ensure it stays set up and is simple to regulate. Here’s a look at the various portions of a trunnion-mounted ball valve.

Trunnion mounted ball valves are Utilized in the two large-stress and reduced-pressure applications. In superior-tension purposes, the valve maintains its torque as any extra force about the seats and ball is absorbed through the trunnion.

How to make a decision quantity of springs in trunnion mounted ball valves? please share the sample calculation if any

Trunnion-mounted ball style element a “trunnion” anchoring at the top and bottom with the ball. This design supplies a constructive seal on both downstream and upstream seats, irrespective of force, allowing for Double Block and Bleed, or Double Isolation and Bleed functionality.

China also has the top trunnion mounted ball valve producers so that you can opt for. Here are several prevalent sorts of trunnion ball valves.

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Trunnion ball design and style required a decreased working torque. Therefore, cuts down the dimensions in the actuator and overall expenditures from the valve. This cost variance gets an essential variable if the stress course and valve measurement increases. Look at the video clip below for an animation of such a valve.

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Side entry ball valves are also known as break up system trunnion mounted ball valves. In these valves, the human body is split into two or 3 items which are bolted with each other like flanges.

A 50 percent port trunnion valve features a bore dimensions that is a number of nominal sizes below the diameter of the linked pipeline. The move path of your medium is restricted which leads to greater Strength losses. Half port valves are primarily Employed in the oil and gasoline field.

Be aware: These air operators are just for use with two-way and three-way diverter design valves. Find out more

The seats of the trunnion-mounted ball valve encompass the ball. If the actuator is turned, the seats maintain the ball snugly in position, sealing off any accessibility. Trunnion ball valves have spring-loaded seats that transfer in the direction of the ball as it’s held firmly in place.

Forged Metal Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve A ball valve is often a kind of quarter-flip valve which uses a hollow or Stable, perforated and floating ball to regulate movement through it.It can be open up when the ball’s gap is according to the circulation and closed when it can be pivoted 90-levels with the valve manage….